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Dru Bacon has been with the Arizona SmartPower team as a Solar Ambassador since the program’s origins. Before he was a Solar Ambassador, Dru consulted several Arizona residents on solar as a promoter in his community. He helped 10 percent of residents in his homeowners association — 391 homes — go solar!

With advanced degrees in engineering and multiple years of experience in local communities, Dru offers both a professional and personal role as a Solar Coach with Arizona SmartPower.

Dru has solar electric, solar hot water, a solar panel on his golf cart and is No. 550 on the waiting list for a Tesla Sedan. If that doesn’t demonstrate a passion for solar and energy efficiency, I’m not sure what does.

We are excited to welcome Dru to the team as a consultant to homeowners about solar systems, the installation process and more. 

Dru test driving a Tesla