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Arizona SmartPower led an exciting Solar Workshop in Yuma, partnering with the wonderful folks at the Foothills Library to host the event. The SmartPower team was joined by five Yuma Solar Ambassadors who shared their experiences with their residential solar electric systems.

Arizona SmartPower State Director Toni Bouchard introduced the workshop to the 32 attendees with information about SmartPower’s work, particularly the Arizona Solar Challenge. Solar Coach Dru Bacon answered solar questions ranging from “What size do I need?” to “How much will it cost and what is the payback?” to “Will solar panels be damaged by hail?” along with several other inquiries.

BELOW: Solar Coach Dru Bacon answers attendees’ solar questions.

Reporters from two television stations covered the Solar Workshop including one from Channel 9, a FOX News affiliate, who visited the home of one of our Solar Ambassadors to film solar installations in Yuma. The City of Yuma TV Station also arranged to visit the home of a Solar Ambassador as part of a series they have planned that follows a homeowner through the entire solar process, from learning about solar to flipping the switch and watching their meter run backward on the day they start producing electricity.

The SmartPower team was thrilled to see solar spreading even further throughout Yuma. Thanks to all of the Solar Ambassadors and local reporters who came out to the workshop to help spread the solar message.