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More than 20 people attended the April 10 Electric Vehicle Policy Working Group meeting, hosted by ASU at the Global Institute for Sustainability. State Director Toni Bouchard led a brainstorming discussion on policies including ordinance language available for adoption by municipalities to have the authority to enforce electric vehicle charging/parking; the potential for Homeowner Associations to make it difficult to install charging equipment at residents’ homes; and policies being discussed at the federal level that could be adopted by the state to allow electric charging stations to be included in energy performance contracting by state agencies, municipalities and school districts.  

The next EVAZ Stakeholder meeting is May 7 from 2-4 pm at the Salt River Project. Please RSVP to if you would like to attend.  

ABOVE: The EVAZ Policy Working Group gathered on April 10 to discuss potential policy ideas that would advance electric vehicle adoption in Arizona.

Meet Jim Stack, a member of the Electric Vehicle Stakeholder Project and a proud owner of a Nissan LEAF:

"We drive our 100 percent electric Nissan LEAF almost everyday. My wife drives to work 12 miles each way, takes all her co-workers to lunch and never has to worry, since we have a 100-mile range. In fact, we just charge to 80 percent to increase battery life and still have miles to spare. A few times we have gone over 100 miles in a day on one charge!

We first got the car on March 17, 2011 (St Patrick’s day), and haven’t had to buy a drop of gas or oil since. We still love to ride our bicycles on short trips and also carpool whenever we can. It pays to be green.

We’ve also had a GRID-Tied Solar home since 2001. With our 4 Kw system and efficient home, we can power our house, car and still help the power utilitity with clean energy during peak hours.”

Below: Jim Stack and his wife attend a car auction in Arizona.

Bill Cervini and his wife are two car people who couldn’t be happier with their Nissan LEAF: 


"It might seem a little odd that a real "car guy" was one of the first people to buy a Nissan LEAF. Gearheads like to poke fun at and even denigrate EVs, but I’m a car guy who is not prejudiced when it comes to what is under the hood.

To me, the thought of electrical propulsion was very exciting for two reasons. First, knowing a little about how electric motors work and the increasing reliability of batteries made me think that the EV would be a car that aficionados would eventually find interesting and fun. The thought of a very quiet, torquey motor that would get the car moving quickly and quietly does provide a great driving experience. So, not only is the EV an economical, environmentally-friendly car, it is a great driver’s car, unlike anything previously driven. It rides and handles great, accelerates quickly and is downright fun to drive.

The other reason I was quickly attracted to the EV was the reality of our environmental needs and the need to become weaned from petroleum, which is becoming ever more pricey and has many negative side-effects. I see the EV as the future of the automobile, even for those who are disbelievers now. I predict some of our finest, fastest, most economical and environmentally-friendly cars in history coming down the road. And I’m all for it.

In addition, I am awaiting the installation of my 10 Kwh solar electric system on my rooftop. What a great combination: a rooftop solar system powering not only my house, but my car as well.”

Bill Cervini is a member of Arizona SmartPower’s core group that works with EVAZ Stakeholders like APS and SRP to help spread the adoption of electric vehicles in Arizona. Contact Toni Bouchard at tbouchard[at] if you would like to participate in EVAZ Working Group meetings.

The Arizona SmartPower team presented at the Arizona Public Service (APS) Brown Bag lunch seminar on August 18, 2011.

State Director Toni Bouchard, Solar Coach Steve Loritz, Communications Director Marissa Newhall and Program Assistant Aparna P Mohla presented the various Arizona SmartPower projects: Arizona Solar Challenge, Solar Ambassador Program, DOE Sun Shot Initiative and the Electric Vehicle Stakeholder program.

The Brown Bag was very well attended by over 30 APS employees and was followed by an interactive and educative Q&A session with members of the audience.