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  1. Save money on your electric bill. Homeowners can buy or lease solar electric panels and save money on their electric bill by generating a large portion of the electricity they use. 
  2. Take advantage of incentives. Utility companies and state and federal governments offer generous incentives for residential solar installations. Be sure to use them if you’re interested in going solar, and sooner rather than later before they are gone! 
  3. Protect yourself from future utility rate increases. Since you will be generating most of your electric power from sunlight, you will not see an increase in your electric bill when rates increase. 
  4. Be a hero with your friends and neighbors by showing them your low cost electricity bills. Also help them learn how they can save on their electric bills with a solar system. 
  5. Give a home tour of your solar electric system on a sunny day. Your friends, family and neighbors will be amazed when they see your electric meter running backwards. 
  6. Reduce air emissions from fossil fuels by producing clean solar electricity from sunlight, the ultimate renewable energy resource. 
  7. Help stimulate the state and local economy by keeping your energy dollars at home. Arizona imports almost all the energy we use, whether it’s petroleum, coal or natural gas. Residential solar keeps our energy dollars at home. 
  8. Help provide local jobs for solar manufacturing, sales and installation companies. Most Arizona solar installation companies are locally owned and solar manufacturing companies that supply solar panels, mounting hardware, power inverters, glass and other solar energy components are increasingly located in Arizona. 
  9. Sleep well at night knowing that you are powering your house with clean energy from the sun and improving air quality. 
  10. Dream about the day you get a plug-in electric car and fuel your it with power from your solar roof. And then stop dreaming and get one!